The Metamorphosis

 of Hitler



In Einsteinís time, Germany was the promise and later the nemesis of the world, the country that had a decisive bearing on world politics and where, for a moment that seemed a lifetime, the moral drama of our era was enacted.

                                                                 - Fritz Stern

You do not alter the destinies of nations in kid gloves.


                                                            - Mein Kampf 


 Adolf Hitler was the greatest villain of the 20th century.  This novel looks at his life in the year after World War One.  During the war Hitler served with Jews and even respected some; a year later, he wanted them all hung or banished from Germany.  1919 saw Hitler metamorphosize from despondent army corporal into leader apparent of the Nazi Party. 

While Hitler was the dark star of the 20th century, another German, Albert Einstein, was the light.  In 1919 he became famous as his Theory of Relativity burst upon the world.  It was exciting and exotic, and came to represent the best of science and the pursuit of knowledge.  And while Hitler preached hate, Einstein pushed for peace.

The best and worst of the 20th century were hatched in Germany in 1919.  It was toleration and logic versus master race and blood.  And though the former eventually prevailed, in 1919 the Nazis were on the rise.



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