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Germany 1919 - Sources

Though this is a novel, it is based on historical fact.  

Sources consulted include the following:

And Quiet Flows the Don by Mikhail Sholokhov

Arms of Krupp by William Manchester

Ballin, Albert by Lamar Cecil

Baruch – The Public Years by Bernard Baruch

Before the Deluge by Otto Friedrich

Berlin: The City and the Court by Jules Laforgue, trans. by William Smith

Berlin: The City that Wouldn’t Die by Army Times

Berlin under the New Empire, vol. 1 & 2, by Henry Vizetelly

Bernard M. Baruch by James Grant

Birnbaum’s Germany by Alexandra Birnbaum

Bismarck and the Development of Germany: Part 3: 1880-1898 by Otto Pflanze

Blood & Belonging by Michael Ignatieff

Blood and Iron  by Otto Friedrich

Brandeis and Frankfurter by Leonard Baker

Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking

Brown Plague by Daniel Guerin

Capitalism by John Vaizey

Civil War in South Russia, 1919-1920 by Peter Kenez

Compton’s Interactive Encyclopedia 1995 by Softkey

Comrade and Lover, edited by Ettinger

Concise Atlas of World History by Times Books

Concise History of Germany by Mary Fulbrook

Concise History of the Russian Revolution by Richard Pipes

Count Witte by Mehlinter and Thompson

Dawn of Modern Banking by Center of Medieval and Renaissance Studies, UCLA

Days with Lenin by Maxim Gorky

Deutsche Bank 1870-1995 by Gall, Feldman, James, Holtfrerich, Büschgen

Der Führer by Konrad Heiden

Dietrich by Leslie Frewin

Dietrich by Alexander Walker

Dietrich, Marlene by Sheridan Morley

Dietrich, Marlene: Life & Legend by Steven Bach

Dilemmas of an Upright Man by J.L. Heilbron

Downtown Jews by Ronald Sanders

Dreadnought by Robert Massie

Encarta 97 Encyclopedia by Microsoft

Einstein, Albert: Creator & Rebel by Banesh Hoffmann

Einstein, Albert: Historical & Cultural Perspectives by Holtan & Elkana

Einstein, Albert: The Human Side edited by Dukas & Hoffman

Einstein: A Centenary Volume edited by A.P. French

Einstein: Life and Times by Ronald Clark

Einstein & Our World by David Cassidy

Einstein’s German World by Fritz Stern

Einstein’s Germany by Fritz Stern

Evolution of Finance Capitalism by George Edwards

Fastov, reportage of events of September 10-13, 1919, by Ivan Derevensky

Fontanka 16 – The Tsar’s Secret Police by Charles Ruud and Sergei Stepanov

Ford, Henry and the Jews by Albert Lee

Foundations of the 19th Century by Houston Stewart Chamberlain

Franco-Prussian War by Michael Howard

Free to Choose by Milton & Rose Friedman

From Prejudice to Persecution by Bruce Pauley

German Delegation at the Paris Peace Conference by Alma Luckau

Germany Tried Democracy by William Halperin

Gold and Iron by Fritz Stern

Gorky, Maxim, Autobiography of (My Childhood, In the World, My Universities)

Great Ages and Ideas of the Jewish People edited by Leo Schwartz

Great Captains Unveiled by Liddell Hart

Haase, Hugo by Kenneth Calkins

Helfferich, Karl: Economist, Financier, Politician by John Williamson

Himmler by Peter Padfield

History of the Weimar Republic by Erich Eyck

History of Ukraine by Paul Robert Magocsi

Hitler: A Study in Tyranny by Alan Bullock

Hitler, Adolf by John Toland

Hitler’s Table Talk 1941-4  London 1943

Hitler’s Vienna by Brigitte Hamann

House of Morgan by Ron Chernow

Hyperinflation in Germany by Eric Rowley

Ideology of Death by John Weiss

Imperial Berlin by Gerhard Masur

In Search of the True West by Esther Kingston-Mann

Industry and Ideology – I.G. Farben in the Nazi Era by Peter Hayes

Jew Accused, The  by Albert Lindemann

Jewish Immigrant Organizations and American Identity in New York by Daniel Soyer

Jews of Vienna 1867-1914 by Marsha Rozenblit

Kaiser, The by Virginia Cowles

Letters of Rosa Luxemburg edited by Stephen Bronner;

Little Germany by Stanley Nadel

Ludendorff: Genius of World War I  by D.J. Goodspeed

Ludendorff: The Tragedy of a Military Mind by Karl Tschuppik

Magic of Money by Hjalmar Schacht

Major Prophets of Today by Edwin Slosson

Making of Economic Society by Robert Heilbroner

Making of New Germany by Philip Scheidemann

Man Alone, A  by André Chouraqui

Man of Influence: Sir Siegmund Warburg by Jacques Attali

Marlene by Marlene Dietrich

Marxists and the Jewish Question  by Enzo Traverso

Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler

Munich by the Tourist Office of the City of Munich

Munich 1923 by John Dornberg

My Life by Otto Hahn

My Life by Leon Trotsky

Napoleon by Vincent Cronin

Nationbuilding and the Politics of Nationalism by Markovits and Sysyn

Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert Massie

1919 America’s Loss of Innocence by Eliot Asinof

Other People’s Money and How the Bankers Use It by Louis D. Brandeis

Origin of Species by Charles Darwin

Paying for the German Inflation by Michael Hughes

Patricians & Parvenus by Dolores Augustine

People Speak by James Harris

Peoples’ Tragedy – The Russian Revolution 1891-1924 by Orlando Figes

Pictorial History of the Jewish People by Nathan Ausubel

Politics of the Prussian Army by Gordon Craig

Pondering the Protocols of Zion by Mark Evans

Prophet Armed: Trotsky 1879-1921 by Isaac Deutscher

Rathenau, Walther: His Life and Work by Count Harry Kessler

Rathenau, Walther: Notes and Diaries 1907-1922 edited by Strandmann

Real Story, The by Stephen R. Donaldson

Red Rising in Bavaria by Richard Grunberger

Revolution in Bavaria 1918-1919 by Allan Mitchell

Rise & Fall of the 3rd Reich by William L. Shirer

Rise of Political Anti-Semitism in Germany and Austria by P.G.J. Pulzer

Rise of the House of Rothschild by Egon Caesar Corti

Rosenberg, Alfred, Selected Writings edited by Robert Pois

Routledge Atlas of the First World War by Martin Gilbert

Russia Under the Old Regime by Richard Pipes

Russian Under Western Eyes by Martin Malia

Russian Album by Michael Ignatieff

Saving Remnant by Herbert Agar

Shtetl by Eva Hoffman

Six Major Prophets by Edwin Slosson

Spartacist Uprising of 1919 by Eric Waldman

Spartakusbund and the German Working Class Movement by William A. Pelz

Story of Fritz Haber by Morris Goran

Surpassing Wonder: The Invention of the Bible and the Talmuds by Donald Akenson

The Don Flows Home to the Sea by Mikhail Sholokhov

Thirty Years’ War by Geoffrey Parker

Thunder at Twilight by Frederic Morton

Thus Speaks Germany edited by H.F. Armstrong

Thus Spoke Zarathustra (1883-85) by Friedrich Nietzsche

Times Concise Atlas of World History by Times Books

Tormented Warrior by Roger Parkinson

Treitschke, Heinrich von by Andreas Dorpalen

Trial and Error by Chaim Weizman

Troubled Waters by Michael Aronson

Trotsky by Joel Carmichael

Trotsky by Albert Glotzer

Trotsky: a Documentary by Wyndham and King

Truth About Reparations and War Debts by David Lloyd George

Tsars and the Jews by Heinz-Dietrich Löwe

Twentieth Century Russia by Donald Treadgold

USSR - A Concise History by Basil Dmytryshyn

Vanguard of Nazism by Robert Waite

Video Travel Guide to Munich & Bavaria by Laura McKenzie

Vimy by Pierre Berton

Von Kiel bis Kapp by Gustav Noske

War & Society in Europe 1618-1648 by J.V. Polisenský

Warburgs by Ron Chernow

Warrant of Genocide by Norman Cohn

Selections from ‘The Wealth of Nations’ edited by George Stigler

Weimar Germany 1918-1933 by John McKenzie

Weimar Eyewitness by Egon Larsen

Who Financed Hitler by James Pool

Why Hitler?  by Samuel Mitchum Jr.

World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia

World Crisis, Vol. 4, The Teutonic Collapse by Winston Churchill

World Crisis, Vol. 6, The Aftermath by Winston Churchill


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